Aims Of


*To contribute to the promotion of the country through art

*To demonstrate how paper pulp is a material open to art and creativity, and can help develop awareness of environmental art

*To work together with similar associations and establishments in different countries to raise this awareness


*To develop students’ imagination and manual skills while promoting recycling and re-usage awareness


*To contribute to the recycling of office waste


*To lead the way in the use of environmentally friendly raw materials in production


*To hold exhibitions of items created with awareness of environmental cleanliness and protection of nature


*To demonstrate to children that the environment and nature can be protected in art as in every other area


*To support ecological festivals through organizing paper recycling workshops


*To have exhibitions on re-used paper waste, and run workshops demonstrating paper’s recycling process, in order to stress the importance of recycling and how things which are considered worthless can be made valuable


*To create various art objects, including sculptures, using waste paper, and to display them in exhibitions


*To develop other related activities, including workshops for children and adults

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